Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vietnamese Noodle Salad

This recipe was super yummy, super fresh, and light...definitely will be a repeater! 
I think I can also take most of these ingredients and make spring rolls out of them. 
Thankfully, I have an asian market close by my house so I was able to pick up some of the harder to find ingredients, but hopefully they are at the regular supermarket.

The hardest thing to me about this recipe is the prep and cutting all the carrots and cucumber to edible, pretty, julienne size. I have been told by my best friends husband (whom we deem the "cutting nazi") that I don't know how to cut into matchstick pieces...I am definitely a believer that you need good (and sometimes expensive) knives. I have not gotten there yet, but when I start to set up my own kitchen you better believe that Williams Sonoma will be getting a visit from me :)

My work with "run of the mill" knives:

not too shabby :)

So, once again I got my inspiration from Bev Cooks her recipe added chicken, I just didn't have time to grill up any, so mine was the veggie version.


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