Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soda Float Party

My friend Jessmyn and I got the idea to have a soda float party and after looking online, we got some pretty fun ideas.  So, we put together a menu of different variations of soda and ice cream and even decided to name them.
I didn't take a picture of all of them :(

This is the classic Brown Cow - Root Beer with vanilla ice cream
Black Cow - Root Beer with chocolate ice cream

Crush on You - Orange Crush soda with vanilla ice cream
Rainbow in a cup - Sherbet and Sprite
Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry ice cream and Sprite
Dirty Hawaiian - Cactus Cooler and chocolate ice cream (this sounds weird, but was really good)
Sunset - Sherbet and Cactus Cooler
Elegant Episode - Sangria Senorial soda with strawberry or vanilla ice cream

It was a cute idea, fun with good association, but me and Jessmyn were so excited we didn't plan any REAL food...people started getting a little sugared out, so we ordered pizza :)

Good Times

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