Thursday, September 8, 2011

One of THE best burgers I have EVER had!!

So, my best friend (and fellow foodie) Abby calls me up at work one day and says, "Hey try to get off work a little early, I found this awesome place in Santa Monica, their menu looks great" (only a true foodie takes off work and drives an hour for food) Of course I take off work a little early and we cruise down to Santa Monica to the Misfit Bar. I take a look at the menu and order the PLT.
The burger is buffalo meat, it has pancetta, arugula, gruyere cheese and a tomato chutney. I seriously can't describe the feeling I felt when I ate it...totally melt in my mouth!

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  1. The best burger I ever had was from Bistro 27 in Richmond. It was a Kobe beef with truffle aioli. I doubt I will find one better then this; but I still hold out hope for a better burger somewhere. Coming in second was a place called the good stuff eatery. It is owned by Spike from top chef. Awesome burgers and they have a whole bunch of house made specialty mayonnaises. My favorite was sriracha mayo!